The company Terming in its offer has fruit driers with capacity up to 3 tons of raw fruits. Depending on the wishes of users, the source of energy for drying can be optional. We offer a dryer that works with agripellets, wood pellets, manual heating or electricity with the help of electric heaters. Automatic adjustment and control of temperature enables us to dry fruits perfectly.

DRYER - SILO FOR GRAIN"TERMING" dryers are products that are primarily intended for smaller holdings. Technically, a very simple solution is made. The cell for drying grain has a diameter of 2,5 m and height of 6 meters, capacity of 20 tons, and it is also a silo for storage. Constructively it is solved in such way that the skin is made of steel perforated sheet. The grain is being dried in a cell or ventilated by a fan which blows warm or cool air into the cylinder, that passes through the perforations and dries the grain.