Heaters from 10-500KW

Heaters for agripellets.The company, Ati Terming, in its offer also has burners for agripellets, capacity from 30-500 KW.The specificity of agripellets (grain pellets, soy pellets, pellet sorghum) has led us to come up with constructive solutions to suit customer requirements for successful heating with agripellets.The problem was the occurrence of silicate dross, because agripellets contains minerals within itself, dirt, which starts to melt during combustion and sticks to the grid of the burners and after a few minutes it begins to stifle the fire until it goes out.Our innovation of the movi

  „Feniks“ heater for wood pellets which can be built into most heaters of individual systems of central heating provided for solid and liquid fuels. The  power range of the heater is from 7-45 KW. The quality and reliability of the installed components guarantee a long life of our products. The „Feniks“ set consists of the heater itself, the control manager of electronics, the external suppliers of fuel and the fuel tank.