Heating boilers for pellets

A completely new construction of boiler, adapted to the existing, flawless "Ozone". The aim was to achieve safe combustion of all types of fuel in pellets and other granulation (wood pellets, grain pellets, soya pellets, maize grains, seeds...), have reliable electronics that fulfill all requirements precisely and a boiler, which is originally designed for high efficiency work. We put all this together in the new "Ozone".

Ati-terming hot water boilers for wood pellets produce low emissions of harmful exhaust gases and achieve a high level of efficient heating due to their unique design. Delivery of fully automated fuel burners for combustion, where pellet ignites by itself, and with the help of automatic control of heating boiler adjusts the temperature according to a user request. Construction of the boiler "Ozone" provides efficiency greater than 93% and belongs to the high cost category boilers.   Prospect_Ozone.pdf

Hot water boiler type TIG PEL Hot water boiler type TIG PEL is a boiler which is widely used. Consists of a three-draught boiler and an upgraded burner basket which, if needed can be removed, depending on the wish of the user. Burner, fueled with wood pellets, makes heating fully automated. It is possible to connect to a room thermostat, by which you get a high comfort heating method. There is a possibility for traditional heating with solid fuel (wood, coal...) which takes place without lighting the burner, feeding the boiler manually. In this case, the burner is disassembled.

Automatski kotao na agro-pelete

Automatic heating boilers for burning agricultural and wooden pellets The equipment of boiler includes: Blindage for pellets Dispenser for pellets Burner for pellets with a movable grid Drive for the grid Fan Equipment for automatic extraction of the ash Blindage - a cart for the ash Automatic control with a display In our boiler it is possible to burn agro-pellets - pellets made from agricultural waste - straw, maize, sunflower-seed-shells and all kinds of waste from agriculture, in granulation of 10 mm. Here you can download the prospect of the boiler TIG A