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The company, Ati Terming, in its offer also has thermogenics for drying tobacco. Our burners are designed to burn all types of agripellets. The technology of drying tobacco is very demanding, with our structure of thermogenics we managed to get the maximum quality tobacco, with the cheapest fuel for drying. A centrifugal fan is used to let the high temperature air in for drying. The air is transported from below through the perforated floor, which is set in each chamber.

Having in mind the limitations of conventional fuel reserves in the world, it is more and more important to replace them with fuels derived from plant crops, so called biomass. Especially after the energy crisis of the seventies, in the developed countries of Europe, they began to research renewable energy sources.

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Thermogenics - hot air generators. Automatic operation of the desired air temperature, by combustion of all types of agro pellets. This product has been applied in heating large chicken farms. Through the upper flap warm air is blown into the building of the farm, which provides programmed temperature in the building.