About us

The company, “Terming Ltd.” from Kula was founded in 1996, at a time when using a biomass as an energy source was just an idea of the innovative and something which wasn't used by many. However, the main products of our firm then and even now are boilers to heat with straw and residues of plant origin.

As the company took its place on the market, the ideas started to come. Mostly in the sphere of agriculture, where we round up the technical processes of heating very successfully.

    terming kula
    Until today, our boilers have been used in heating of:
  • individual houses
  • workshops, halls, warehouses...
  • pig farms
  • dryers for grains, fruits, vegetables
  • greenhouses
  • We have also offered equipment with our technological solution to all these areas: equipment for pig farms (fenced box for sows, boxes for breeding, floor heating panels, feeders...)
  • greenhouse constructions, heating installation for greenhouses
  • grain dryers
  • heat accumulators, cisterns
  • solar panels, boilers, cisterns
  • stainless steel and steel chimneys

...and further on we will work hard to help you, that winter would be cheaper and your heating would be more reliable.