For Grain

"TERMING" dryers are products that are primarily intended for smaller holdings. Technically, a very simple solution is made. The cell for drying grain has a diameter of 2,5 m and height of 6 meters, capacity of 20 tons, and it is also a silo for storage. Constructively it is solved in such way that the skin is made of steel perforated sheet. The grain is being dried in a cell or ventilated by a fan which blows warm or cool air into the cylinder, that passes through the perforations and dries the grain. When emptying the cell, the mass of grain is flowing gradually and evenly from the top through the "stairs". As a result of the permanent even distribution of weight, basis is not needed when setting up the cell.

Drying of the grain is carried out by blowing hot air into the cell. In the process of drying grain in "TERMING" dryer is that the fuel in the boiler heats up the water, the heat is transferred to the air by the exchanger, and blown into the cell by the fan. In the production program of "TERMING", there are multipurpose boilers for heating different objects. Specific emphasis was placed on the production of boilers fueled by solid fuels, primarily the remains of plant production. Water heating is also intended to be done by liquid or gaseous fuels, but due to economic effects, we recommend the use of plant remains. It is confirmed that 40-45 kg of straw or corn cobs provide heat as much as 15 kg of oil. The experts of "Terming" intended a multipurpose appliance of the boiler. So in addition to grain drying, thermal energy can be used for heating residential buildings, offices, greenhouses, livestock facilities... By combining the application, the energy is used more rationally more days in the year.

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