OZON agro (burns all type of pellets)

A completely new construction of boiler, adapted to the existing, flawless "Ozone". The aim was to achieve safe combustion of all types of fuel in pellets and other granulation (wood pellets, grain pellets, soya pellets, maize grains, seeds...), have reliable electronics that fulfill all requirements precisely and a boiler, which is originally designed for high efficiency work. We put all this together in the new "Ozone".

In order to distinguish ourselves from the competition and provide you with greater comfort, "Ozone" is equipped with a snail-like ash, which is necessary in combustion of pellets from agro-biomass because of the large amounts of ash for what pellet producers say "there is not much" and we say "there is a lot" .

The new electronics, besides to low-noise operation, are standardly equipped with wi-fi connection, so you can check the boiler operation or change the operating mode now by one click on the phone.

The construction of the body of the "Ozone" boiler has not been changed because the experience has shown that it is a compromise, high fuel efficiency, easy maintenance for the user and long-lasting work.

Cleaning with one move with turbulators is still inviolable and far more reliable than new trends with a motor that has a pipe cleaning function.

The heart of the boiler "Ozone" is a burner with a movable grid where it burns literally everything that can burn and pass through the dispenser. The technical solution of the burner is very complex, but reliable and long-lasting, unique on the market and patented by Terming.

The latest testing and certification for the CE mark is a confirmation of our work and have given us recognition in terms of classification in the highest class of boilers according to environmental standards related to the emission of flue gases.