Type TIG A (biomass)

Automatic heating boilers for burning agricultural and wooden pellets

    The equipment of boiler includes:
  • Blindage for pellets
  • Dispenser for pellets
  • Burner for pellets with a movable grid
  • Drive for the grid
  • Fan
  • Equipment for automatic extraction of the ash
  • Blindage - a cart for the ash
  • Automatic control with a display

In our boiler it is possible to burn agro-pellets - pellets made from agricultural waste - straw, maize, sunflower-seed-shells and all kinds of waste from agriculture, in granulation of 10 mm.

Here you can download the prospect of the boiler TIG A

The operation of the boiler for agro pellet you can watch on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f-rCB3hU0s

kotao na pelet terming kula
kotao na pelet
kotao na pelet
Automatski kotao na agro-pelete
Automatski kotao na agro-pelete
Automatski kotao na agro-pelete
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