type TIG P

Heating boiler type “TIG-P” is intended for central heating of individual houses, commercial premises, and other buildings in the operating mode of 90/70 °C and pressure of 2,5 bars. 

Heating boiler, type “TIG-P”, is a product developed on the bases of long term experience in designing and production of boilers for central heating, with a capacity of 18 to 80 kW. 

The combustion chamber of the boiler, by its structure, is adapted to the burning of solid fuel: wood, coal briquettes and granulation larger than 30 mm and other flammable waste materials.

By substituting the door of heater, the boiler can be converted for operation with fuel oil or gas. The capacity of the boiler is 18, 24, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60 and 80 kW in the case of heating with solid fuel. The dimensions of the door and the combustion chamber of the boiler are adopted to big pieces of wood or large amounts of heating material in scattered condition. Firing up the boiler is fast and easy by using purposeful valves, while the same valve is used later in the full exploitation (which will be discussed later).

Cleaning and maintenance of the boiler is maximally simple and is done through the upper and lower door of the boiler, quickly and efficiently. 

The boiler is made of steel sheet, guaranteed chemical ingredients and it is performed by welding. 

The skin of the boiler is made of sheet metal, aesthetically designed and thermally insulated glass wool insulation to prevent heat loss. 



Heating boiler for solid fuel

Technical characteristics with connectable and overall dimensions

  • The producer has a right for changes
  • Special designs are made at the request of the customer